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Weekly Pound/Euro & Pound/Dollar forecast

Monday 24th December 2012, Christmas Eve.
Good morning. Firstly I would like to wish everyone including my regular readers a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Today I will take a look at last weeks movements, and what may happen this week. 

In this week’s Report:
Pound/Dollar rates reach fresh 1 year highSterling/Euro is still near lowest since May  Round up of the week’s other data that may affect rates
Sterling vs. Euro; 

A much quieter week last week as expected with the run up to Christmas as investors unwound positions and the markets generally traded flat. On the Sterling v Euro cross we saw only half a cent between the high and low of the week as the mid-market generally hovered around the 1.2275 level. 

On the data front there were mixed readings from both sides of The Channel as UK inflation read slightly higher than expected and German IFO Business Climate figures were released slightly higher also. 

Wednesday’s main release was the Bank of England minutes from the Decem…

Pound/Euro rates continue to fall

Monday 17th December 2012 Good morning. As always for a Monday, today I'll take a look back at last weeks movements, and what may happen to exchange rates in the run up to Christmas. The Pound/Euro rate fell steadily last week, to it's lowest rate in nearly 7 months.
In this week’s Report:  UK’s AAA Credit Rating under threat Pound/Euro rates continue to fall Sterling Dollar remains near 2 month high Round up of the week’s other data that may affect rates  Sterling vs. Euro; 
Last week we saw sterling euro rates steadily decline on the back of several positive data releases from the Eurozone, coupled with negative data from the UK. In this week’s euro report we’ll look at what those releases mean and how they have affected the single currency and sterling. 
The main driving force behind the movements was due to a newly agreed plan to make the European Central Bank (ECB) the Chief Regulator of European banks. This in turn paves the way for direct recapitalisation of struggling Euro…

GBP/EUR & GBP/USD forecast 2012/2013

Thursday 13th December 2012   Good afternoon everybody. In this afternoon’s post I’m going to take a detailed look at Pound/Euro rates, and the forecast for where rates may go in 2012 and 2013. I will also have a look Sterling/Dollar rates. 
I will also run over some of the options and contract types I can offer for any currency requirement you may have in the next 2 years, to help you get the best exchange rates and make the most of your currency. 
Pound/Euro stable in the mid €1.23’s 

The Sterling/Euro exchange rate has fallen slightly in recent weeks, but still remains firmly above the 1.20 mark. The reason for the fall is twofold, and will be familiar to regular readers as it’s been the main driver of exchange rates all year! 
Firstly we have the progress made in Europe, which the markets have taken to be positive. This has seen the Euro gain some strength and thus become more expensive to purchase. We also have the threat of the UK’s credit rating being downgraded, which has taken som…

Pound/Euro exchange rate forecast Outlook

Monday 10th December 2012 Good morning. Sterling Euro rates hit a 5 week low last week, before staging a slight recovery on Thursday and Friday. As always for a Monday, today I will take a look at what has moved the rates in the last week, and take a view on what the forecast for Pound/Euro exchange rates moving forwards. 
In today's report:
Pound/Euro hits 5 week low before recovering on Friday Effect of budget statement on exchange ratesWeakness after ECB speech pulls the rate higher again Round up of the week’s other data that may affect rates
Sterling vs. Euro; 
With last week’s Autumn Statement and data releases you would have expected substantial movement on both sides of the channel, and some significant movement for the GBP/EUR cross. Unsurprisingly with the ever so unpredictable currency markets the pair remained range bound with a 1 week movement within 0.65%. This week’s report will look at what has affected the rates and why Sterling seems to have put a stop to the recent…

Autumn statement effect on exchange rates

Wednesday 5th December 2012  Good afternoon. The market has now stabilised after the Autumn statement by the chancellor. In this afternoons post I’m going to have a quick look at the effect of the statement, and also what is coming up in the next few days that could affect exchange rates. 
Effect of Autumn budget statement on exchange rates 
This is an easy one to sum up; there was little to no reaction at all! Sterling had been falling in the run up to the announcements anyway, and this morning was at a 1 month low against the Euro. As is often the case, the currency markets move more on rumour than actual fact, and the Pound was already vulnerable as investors braced for grim tidings from the UK's finance minister in his half-yearly budget statement. This is how GBP/EUR has moved today:

The market has already been anticipating a difficult Autumn Statement and this was for the most part already priced in to rates. Earlier this morning, the pound barely reacted to a survey showing Br…

Pound/Euro exchange rate forecast December

Monday 3rd December 2012
Good morning everybody. It's a new month, and today I'll take my usual retrospective look at what happened last week, why the Pound/Euro rate fell, and what the month of December may hold in store for Exchange Rate forecasts for the best Pound/Euro exchange rates.

In this week’s Report: 
Pound/Euro rates fall on Bailout news New Governor for the Bank of England  Round up of the week’s other data that may affect rates Sterling vs. Euro; 

Pound/Euro rates dropped to a 5 week low on Friday last week, as the Euro gained further strength due to the fact progress has been made with bailouts for troubled EU countries such as Greece and Spain. The main cause for the strength was the approval of Greece’s next bailout payment, which was uncertain in the early part of last week. As you can see from the chart below, rates have been in decline for some time, which will cause concern for anybody needing to purchase Euros. 

Why has the Euro strengthened? 

The strength ca…