GBP/EUR jumps to €1.19 - is now the time to buy Euros?

The Pound is really performing well at the moment. As we enter Autumn, Sterling has received another lift this morning in the shape of the latest Manufacturing figures. They came in at 53.3, and the expected number was only 49.00. (A number above 50 shows expansion, a number below 50 shows contraction.) The fact that this sector seems to be booming in the post-Brexit period is a surprise, and the Pound has shot up as a result. Here's how the rate has moved this morning:

This is the best that we've seen the GBP/EUR pair in over a month. So will the Pound go higher, or is this rally now over and rates will fall back away again? There's no way to predict this of course, but for those that need to buy Euros, this is a very welcome sight.

Do you need to buy Euros? Here are your options..

If I needed to buy Euros, I would consider the fact that in the last few weeks the rate has improved by 3.5%, and on a purchase of €300,000.00 it's a saving of over £9000.00. I would not want to throw away these gains should the market fall back away again, which it may well do according to many forecasts. Here are 3 options that I would consider if I needed to buy Euros....

The above are just some examples of the ways I can help clients that need to convert Pounds to Euros in the next 12 months. In addition to these types of solutions, the rates I provide are much better than achievable elsewhere, with savings in the region of 2% to 3%. On a large transfer, this represents a saving of thousands of Pounds.

If you need to buy Euros, and would like to discuss the ways I can help you, then click here to send me a free enquiry today. I can then discuss your particular requirements, explain how our service works, and provide a rate for you to compare with your bank or existing broker.

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