Pound/Euro exchange rate forecast

Sterling/Euro rates fall ahead of ECB meeting this week 

Pound/Euro rates have recovered in the last week, partly due to some positive UK employment data, but also due to speculation the European Central Bank (ECB) may announce further stimulus this week. Interest rates there are as low as they can go (0.05%), and in order to ward of the threat of deflation, they may have to increase their stimulus measures. I don’t think they’ll announce anything on Thursday, but it’s important to listen out for any hints the ECB president Mario Draghi may give in his press conference. 

To me it’s quite obvious that their QE programme will need extending, and that’s why the Euro has been weakening off in recent days as this eventuality gets priced into the market. However today the market starting correcting itself, pulling GBP/EUR back down to around the €1.36 level as you can see from the chart below. If he does hint at further measures, there may be a short term spike in GBP/EUR rates. 

If you need to buy Euros, then it’s worth looking into placing a ‘Limit Order’ to take advantage of any spike we may see. This works by placing a target level with me that may be above the current rate. If the market does spike and your level becomes available, your trade is executed automatically and your currency is purchased. 

What else could affect exchange rates this week? 

Wednesday 21st October 2015 – Today the UK government releases its Public Sector Borrowing figures, which show the amount of debt they hold. The last release showed a deficit of £11.3bn, and today I expect this number to be around £9bn. If it’s higher than this, then Sterling exchange rates could fall, and vice versa. Later in the day there is another Speech by BoE Governor Mark Carney, and any hints about UK interest rates could also affect the Pound. Elsewhere, those with an eye on GBP/CAD rates should look out for the Bank of Canada’s (BoC) rate decision and policy statement. 

Thursday 22nd October 2015 – It’s quiet in the UK today, but over in the Eurozone we have the European Central Bank (ECB) decision on interest rates. As I mentioned at the top of this report, while it’s highly unlikely interest rates will change, the press conference at 13:30pm is very important for Sterling/Euro buyers, because there may be hints at further stimulus in the EU. If that proves to be the case, expect the Euro to weaken pushing GBP/EUR higher. Elsewhere, the USA has Jobless data and House Price info. 

Friday 23rd October 2015 – Nothing for the UK today, but GBP/EUR could be affected by EU and German inflation numbers. Canada and the USA also release inflation numbers today that could affect GBP/CAD and GBP/USD respectively. 

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